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Hurricane wife's appreciation

_ _ _
Just thought I would do a quick post as have been visiting charleston south Carolina for the two weeks with work. Been over there on a air force exchange from the uk and was staying down town.
Was sat in the bars 10 days ago watching hurricane sandy swinging it's way towards the coast of the us. Although it was going to pass about 350 mile from charleston we got told in morning briefings that there was a risk of flooding in certain parts of town and that they were looking for volunteers to help build some flood defences, and thinking it would be able to help out while over from the uk I volunteered. Meant working the weekend but that wasn't a problem.
Anyway, we ended up in quite a affluent part of town down by the waterfront and ended up being inundated with cups of coffee and cake as we filled sand bags.
It was late in the day but we started putting some bags around a nice little house right by the waters edge. Clearly a well to do family, nice jaguar on the drive etc and really well kept. Had been there about 20 min when the lady of the house came out and offered us some carrot cake. She was mid 40 s, huge breasts, about 5 ft 5 and a really great curvy figure. Turned out her son was at uni and 2 nd husband was away in st Louis on businness. Having an English accent clearly made me a novelty and she started chatting and making polite conversation. As she left me the guys were taking the mick and telling me that she was clearly a cougar looking ti corrupt a poor British guy. I didn't complain as being single it was quite nice ti be flirted with by a pretty American lady. After about an hour she shouted out and asked for a hand carrying some lemonade she had made for the guys.
I was volunteered and walked into the kitchen to find her in a white camisole top which left nothing to the imagination breast wise as her nipples were erect and breasts huge. And she was wearing hot pants that only just covered her pusdy lips. She knew she looked amazing and just smiled as I walked in. She told me again that she loved my accent and then that she had spent the last 30 min masterbating upstairs as she lives a guy in uniform and that her husband had been fucking a mutual friend of theirs that he thought he had kept quiet. Sadly for him both him and his wife have iPhones and with the I stream mode on it meant that unknowing to him, every photo he took riding his mistress, got updated to his wife's phone. I struggled with my composure and tried to be the gent but as I picked up the tray of glasses to take out for the guys, she dropped to her knees, unzipped my combat trousers and took my rock hard, Previn dripping cock in her hands then proceeded to put it in her mouth and force herself so far onto it I felt her gag reflex massage my tip as she choked, gagged and spluttered. She kept herself there for about a min then slowly slid my cock from her mouth leaving saliva glistening on my shaft. She stood up and her eyes were watering leaving her with panda eyes. She kissed me is a real slutty way. She then thanked me for my service and told me I should get back to the guys. As I asked if she could get the door she walked up behind me and put her work card in my pocket and whispered in my ear that she will be home alone for the next 5 days and that she would be sat in the dining room naked at 7.30 that night with champagne and toys if I wanted to pay her a visit.
This then meant the next 2 hours of working felt like an eternity, but that night I made my excuses to avoid hitting the town and took my dodge hire car down to a certain house on the sea front. With the winds slowly picking up. Something strange about letting yourself into someone else's house but there, sat at the dinner table, completely naked with champagne on ice, two glasses, candles and a variety of dildos and and plugs was chrissie…

Copyright By fistedgapinghole

Jackie L: The Awakening of a Hotwife - Chapter II (pics)

_ _ _
A couple days had passed since my world had been turned upside down. I had heard you on the phone talking to Patti. I had heard you masturbating while on the phone with her and promising that you would be a good girl and obey. Once I even walked in while your dildo was buried in your pussy while you were talking to her.

“Go away.” you snipped. “This isn’t for you.”

We went to sleep after you had told me to divorce you or learn to cope with your new lifestyle. I slept on the couch. The morning after was tense as I remember. I was still in shock and you seemed to be in a mixture of shame and delight. It was difficult for me to see you so excited and so at ease at times with your decision. You cooked me your special blueberry pancakes that you only do once or twice a year because it’s such a pain in the ass to make from scratch. I knew you were doing it to show me you loved me, but I noticed you were singing and humming the entire time…as if you were finally content. After breakfast you picked up the phone and called Patti right in front of me. During the entire conversation you looked me in the eyes and smiled.

“Hi Patti, it’s me” you said. A smile came over your face and your eyes beamed with your next statement. “My answer is yes.” you said. A long pause ensued as Patti spoke to her. “I understand….yes I will……ok….” you responded to her instructions. “…yes I will obey that……well he knows now. I told him everything.” you said. “…well he will have to be fine with it. I explained he has two choices; divorce me or learn to cope with it…..no he hasn’t said yet, but he knows my pussy belongs to you now…..I don’t know……that’s his problem…..he is sitting here eating his pancakes watching me commit myself to my new mistress….yes baby, I think he will like that…..ok…..ok I will call you afterwards….yes that should work just fine…..kisses….yes I am sorry….ok, I am sorry mistress….ok…..bye bye.” You clicked the button on your cell phone ending the call.

“Patti has given me permission to give you one last blow job but you may not fuck me.” you announced matter of factly. “We can cuddle at night when we go to bed but no sexual contact at all until she gives permission. She said she will be coming over Friday to solidify the agreement so you should be prepared for that. Now…let’s give you one last moment where I am all yours.” you said as you rose from the chair and knelt between my legs.

“Stop it!” I commanded pushing you away. “I can’t fucking believe this.”

“Honey this is really your last moment to have of us the way we were.”

“Just….just stop it.” I stammered.

“ok,” you replied. “If that’s what you want.” You picked up the phone and punched in the number. “Hi mistress. I tried to obey but he pushed me away…..yes I understand….well I told him it was his last chance but he refused…..no I have made my choice and I am committed to it…….yes mistress….ok…bye bye.” That night I watched as you dressed yourself up and departed without a word to me. You were gone for only a few hours and came home cheerfully as I was watching TV in our bedroom.

“Where have you been?” I asked through a semi-set jaw.

“I am not allowed to tell you.” You replied hesitantly. “All I can tell you is that I was with Patti; just her and I alone.”

“And did you two have sex?” I asked staring blankly at the TV. You paused for a while as you weighed your response.

“Yes.” You said. “And that’s all I can say. I am sorry, honey. That’s how Patti wants it this time.” An uncomfortable silence lingered in the air as I let the whole situation run through my head. On one hand I was furious, on the other my cock began to swell and as you went into the closet to change clothes I couldn’t help but reach down and give my cock a hard squeeze to release the tension. “Will you be golfing Wednesday morning?” you called from the closet.

“No.” I called back. “Dave is out of town for the week.”

“Maybe you should anyhow.” You slowly remarked walking to the doorway and leaning against the jamb.

“Why?” I asked dreading the reply.

“I will be having a visitor.” You explained sheepishly. I said nothing. “Patti has arranged for someone to come over.” you continued hesitantly. “I…don’t…think you really want to see that so…..perhaps it would be best if you found something to do.”

“You are just going to let a total stranger come into our house so you can fuck him.” I stated in disgust.

“Well actually I know him.” you said somewhat under your breath. “We’ve played with him before. He hasn’t fucked me for quite a while though.” you added. “He’s safe. It will be ok.”

“Oh glad to hear it.” I sarcastically announced. “I am so relieved.” You bit your bottom lip and crawled into bed pulling the covers over you as you settled down with your back turned to me. That night you slept peacefully and soundly. I didn’t.

When Wednesday came we didn’t say a whole lot to each other. I was unsure of what I was going to do but your urging that ‘the time’ was drawing closer eventually prompted me to get dressed and head out to the course. I remember you kissing me goodbye at the door and promising me that everything would be ok and that you loved me with all your heart. I noticed that your mood had begun to glow and you couldn’t help but conceal your smile. I drove to the golf course and parked in the lot without getting out of the car. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity as my emotions ran through me like a hurricane. Anger, astonishment, sadness, but also excitement…my cock had begun to harden and throb and at the time I had no idea why. I could not believe you were actually doing this and finally I realized that I had to see if it was true. I had to see it for myself. I pulled out of the parking lot and drove back to the house parking around the corner. I snuck around the side of the house and quietly entered the door to the washing room. Creeping silently through the house I heard Patti in the living room.

“Run your tongue around the head of it.” Patti was saying softly.

“Yes mistress,” I heard you breathe back. I tiptoed slowly to a position where I could see a reflection from the hall mirror and viewed the scene with conflicted amazement. He was sitting back on the couch with his hands clasped behind his head. You were to his side on your knees before him and Patti was kneeling next to you stroking your hair and running her fingertips over your back and ass. You were all completely nude and I watched as your tongue circled the head of his cock.

“That’s very nice, Jackie.” Patti sighed to you. “Run your tongue up and down the shaft.” You did as she instructed alternating between circling the head of his cock and licking the shaft. “That’s right,” she purred. “Get him nice and hard. Cup his balls with your hand and stroke him with the other as you lick it.” she commanded. “Now take him into your mouth, all the way at once.” I watched as you thrust his cock fully down your throat holding it deep before pulling off and continuing to lick. You repeated the deep suck again as Patti continued stroking your hair and the man groaned in delight. I knew exactly what he was experiencing as your oral skills rank among the legendary. When you start sucking my cock, your technique is such that it is difficult not to cum immediately. Your ability to take me fully into your throat, hold it, then stick out your tongue and lick my balls was a major factor in my decision to marry you in the first place. It’s a skill that is flat out unheard of and it completely blew me away the first time you did it to me. Now I was watching you do the same to some complete stranger…at least a stranger to me.

“Oh that’s so beautiful.” Patti breathed reaching between her legs and rubbing her tempting pussy. For a moment I focused on Patti. I admit I had fantasized about her before. On occasion I had even jacked off in the shower thinking about her, but never thought I would actually see her in the flesh. So many times we had her and her husband over for dinner or a cookout and the way her breasts would stretch the fabric of her shirt was unbelievably drool-inspiring. Now, seeing her fully exposed, I could see why you found it hard to resist her. Her natural blonde hair was pulled back and her tits were full and luscious. The angle I was watching from gave me a very good view of her perfectly shaped ass and completely shaved mound that bulged just slightly beyond the lines of her legs and ass. I reached down and rubbed myself through my pants just marveling at how incredible her body was. I confess I wanted nothing more than to slide into her at that very moment regardless of what she was doing to you. “Don’t you love how she sucks your cock?” Patti asked bringing my focus back to what was happening.

“Oh yeah,” the man groaned. “She’s always incredible. I have missed you two.”

“Let me help.” Patti said as she knelt in front of him. Her position blocked my view but I got a good idea of what was going on. I watched you and then Patti’s heads alternate bobbing and I listened to the slurping you two were making as you both worked his shaft. Soon he began to breathe far more heavily and his head was thrown back. Patti pulled you off of him.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed. “No, no, no. Get a hold of yourself.” She firmly instructed him. His breathing started to become more controlled.

“Good God,” he heaved. “That was cruel.”

“Awwww” Patti teased. “We will make it all better, but we want to have more fun with you first.”
Patti laid on her side to his right and only playfully licked him as she spread her legs hanging one over the edge of the sofa. It gave me a perfect view of her delicious pussy. I gasped upon seeing it and immediately held my breath for fear I would be heard. “Come here baby.” She beckoned you. “You know what I like.” I had fantasized about seeing you lick another woman’s pussy for years, but as I watched you kneel between Patti’s legs and bury your tongue into her slit I felt a little stunned. My beautiful, sweet wife, hungrily licking another woman’s clit…and a married woman at that, it struck me. I wondered if Patti’s husband knew. I wondered if you had fucked Patti’s husband. My mind was flooded with questions. I watched as Patti pumped herself into your face and listened to you slurp and whimper as she did. All the while Patti was teasing the man with her tongue and lips bringing him to the edge and then backing off to let him regain control. Eventually Patti rolled off the couch and straddled him reverse cowgirl.

“Guide him to me, Jackie.” Patti moaned as she lowered herself toward his hard prick. You reached up and positioned him upright as Patti held herself open and lowered herself onto his waiting shaft. “Oh God!” Jackie screamed as she slid down to his balls. “God I love it.” Patti began to bounce up and down on his cock as you massaged his balls and rubbed Patti’s clit. “God yes, lick my clit while I fuck him.” She commanded with a mixture of authority and ecstasy as she grabbed the back of your head and pulled your face to her. You whimpered a bit with the force that Patti drew you in. I watched the back of your head nod up and down as you sucked Patti’s button and ran your tongue over the bottom of his shaft. Your fingers were dug into your pussy and it was not long until Patti began to explode; her body lifting up just slightly off the depth of his thrusts and shaking as if she was being electrocuted; her mouth hanging open and eyes semi-closed as she coated him in her delicious cum.

“It’s running down his cock” you cried between licks and sucks.

“Lick it off!” Patti bellowed. You whimpered some more as you aggressively obeyed slurping up Patti’s sweet juices off the base of his cock and balls. Patti pulled off of him and pushed your head to his throbbing prick. “Taste me on his cock.” she barked as you drew him deep into your mouth. “That’s it, Jackie.” she heaved. “Lick it all up.” Patti only allowed it for a moment before laying back on the sofa and spreading her legs and drawing your face to her freshly fucked hole. “That’s it,” she moaned as you tongued her again. “Just keep licking my pussy.” The guy was clearly in distress and needed to plunge his cock into someone…anyone. Patti noticed and responded. “Slide your cock into her while she eats me.” she directed. He immediately jumped behind you as you reached between your legs spreading your pussy open. I watched in amazement as his length disappeared into your dripping cunt; his hands locked on your waist pulling you onto him with force.

“Oh fuck,” you screamed into Patti’s gash as he buried himself fully in you. “You’re bigger than my husband.” You cried out as his stomach came into contact with your ass packing your hot little box fully with hard cock. It was true. I am a pretty well stacked guy; well above average, but I have to concede he packed a little more punch than I did.

“That’s it.” Patti cried out as his thrusts pushed your face rhythmically into her mound. “Lick my pussy while you take his cock.” Patti’s hips began to rock. “I am going to cum!” she screamed as she held your head to her dripping twat. Her body again began to shake with electricity. Her shoulders spasmed with the force of it making her tits bounce in the most erotic way as she released into your mouth. He was still driving into you and you were moaning and crying out in pleasure. Patti slid under you and you worked your knees to the sides to allow her more access. She began to lick your clit as he pounded you. I saw you clinch your jaw and stretch your neck out; a sign I knew well meant you were about to cum. You dipped your back thrusting your ass high and released on him circling your hips and forcing yourself back on his length as Patti licked away any juices that dripped from your incredibly well fucked mound screaming as you did. Within a few more strokes he began to groan and his head flew back.

“In her mouth!” Patti called out. You leaped off his cock and buried his throbbing cock in your mouth as he came. “Swallow it, Jackie.” Patti commanded holding your head to his shaft. I could hear your gulps and swallows mixed with his deep, intense groans as he filled your stomach with hot cum.

“Jesus” I said under my breath suddenly gaining a full understanding of why you had made the choice you had. Patti’s head snapped toward the hallway as I dove for the ground. I hastily crawled out of sight of the mirror and tiptoed toward the washing room door with a clumsy haste. Closing the door as quietly as possible I dashed for my car and hit the throttle. My cock was absolutely throbbing and I pulled into the nearest gas station. Trying to maintain a calm compose I asked for the bathroom key, and rushed to the men’s room where I furiously relieved myself letting the visions of my lovely, sweet wife being a complete fuck slut run through my head. After a hard cum, I drove back to the golf course and again sat in the parking lot absorbing everything in my brain; my mind numb with visions, confusion about the mixture of anger and excitement. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I opened the text. It was from Patti.

“Did you like the show?” it read. I stared at it for a while wondering what to say. I finally chose to simply not respond. Moments later it buzzed again. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away. Have you jacked off yet?” Again I didn’t respond. Another buzz…”You are so predictable.” it read. “I hope you are ready for Friday. I can’t wait for you to see what I have in store for you. I have been working on setting it up all week.” That was all I could take.

“For ME?!?” I texted back.

“You really think Jackie is the one I want to control?” came the response. “I already had her. Now YOU are a challenge. We will all be there at 7:00. I expect you to be ready. If you liked what you saw just now you are going to LOVE this.”

I clicked my phone off in disgust………and waited for Friday.

But that is another story………

Copyright By jackieand_scott

*** My gunsmiths wife***

_ _ _
A little about me. I am big into guns, hince being at my gunsmiths house. I am also a Dom and into BDSM. Not the deep end of the pool about mid way or so. I am mainly into rope play and suspension.
We were sitting around drinking a beer when he acted if I had done anything new lately? He knows about my darker side. I told him yes I had suspended a new girl and she was pretty hot. And she loved the fun.
He then asked if I had pictures? Of course I did. So I pulled my cell out and started showing off my new girl I was playing with. He commented and wow'd a bunch of them. Then about this time his wife walked in and neither of us heard her. She pops the cell out of his hand and says. Oh what do we have here? And then all I saw were her nipples pop out hard as rocks. And she said show me the rest of them they are beautiful. And then the kicker. Where did you download those from? He and I laughed hard at that one. I told her well I did not download them. I took them with my cell camera. She then was blushing a little as I have her tied in different ways and a couple of her suspended in the air.
About that time he and I were both floored by what she said next. Honey I want him to tie me up. Can he?
Ok she is 51 years old and stands maybe 5'2 and is about 115 lbs. Rock solid tits that are C cups. She runs a lot and stays in shape.
I told her if he is ok with it I have my ropes in the truck. She just looked at her husband and said WELL. He ok'd it so I went to the truck and grabbed my bag.
Now the whole way there and back I was wondering how I was going to ask her to strip as I do not tie them with clothes on. I had the answer when I walked into the back room. She was standing in only socks. Asking if she could keep them on as her feet get cold? I told her well maybe we will see. And then laughed. She knew she could.
I opened my bag up and started thinking of what I wanted to tie her in. And ropes were flying in and around the area. Other toys came out like my Hitachi. She asked what it was and I told her well I take it you have a vibrator don't you? She said she did. I told her this one is on steroids with a turbo. She laughed. I told her she will be moaning in a bit from it. She then smarted off. You will have to get hubby to Ok that.
Then I was floored again. Hubby, my gunsmith and 20 plus year friend says. Honey you did not negoiate anything. So that means he can do what he wants. You did not even make a safe word. And the party has already started. So no new rules.
Wow, I think to myself he has been listening when we talk and not just looking at my pictures wishing it was him in the pictures.
I started out easy with her and tied her up slowly. So she could get used to them and I see how she reacts to them. She was a natural at this. And loved the ropes. I had her arms tied behind her back in a dragon sleave. Then I put a blindfold on her. And she trimbled. Told her not to trimble as her husband was here and I would not do anyhting that would hurt her.
That is if she does not move. I picked up a very large and sharp knife. LOL That her hubby had just sharpened. And he voiced that to her. She locked up tight and did not move a bit. I drug the knife all over her and she loved it. Up one side of her outer leg and then the other. I kept looking at my buddy and he kept shaking his hand saying go ahead do more. So I did. I told her to open her legs wider. I moved the knife up the inside of her legs. Then swithed knives to a smaller less sharp one. I slide it over her OH SO beautiful clean shaved pussy. I told my buddy. Look she likes it. SHe has cum running down her legs. I just scraped a bunch up. I stood up and got next to her ear so she could her me. I told her I was going to lick her cum off my blade. She gave a shake like the just had the chills. And told me I could use a bucket now as she just came for real and gushed. Hmm he never told me she squirted or gushed. He has told me a lot about her but not this.
I was now down by her ankle on one leg and puddling on the floor on the other.
He got my attention and had wrote on a sheet of paper. Do as you like as if I was not here to see just how far she will go. I am ok with what ever happens. WOW I was cleared for take off.
I then started playing with her nipples and put a light set of clamps on each of her nipples. She liked it and even moaned at one time I pulled on them. Just so happens there is a hook for a hanging plant a few steps from us. I walk over and take the plant down. Grab another rope. And move her over under the hook. I tie the rope to the one she is already wearing. And just make it where she is on her tiptoes. I have her open her legs wide as she can and then get the Hitachi out and pluged in. She jumps when she hears it trun on and goose bumps pop up all over her. I spread some of her own pussy juice on it and place it right on her super hard and throbbing clit. She yelps out and instantly comes hard. Very hard from what she just tells me. And her legs go limp. To the point I have to untie her. And sit her down on the couch. I ask her if she wants more? She tells me do what ever you like to me or till hubby stops you.
Another green light. So I asked, if I take my cock out and put it to your lips what would you do? She answers, what is expected of me. And so goes for if I place it at the very wet opening of your excited pussy. The one that I made so wet. Same answer came from her. I looked at my buddy and he gave me the hand motion. That is when I noticed he already had his cock out and was playing with it.
So this Dom drops his pants and places it at her mouth. And oh my God does she know how to do as expected. And I almost cum in her mouth. But pull out as I want to see just how far she will let me go and same for him. I get between her legs and raise her legs up and look down at a very beautiful pussy. I am a big large pussy lips fan and she had a wonderful set. I dropped to my knees and started licking her pussy for all I was worth. She flew her head back and moaned yelling teach him how to do that. I got a giggle out of it. I made her cum a few more times with my tongue and then grabbed the Hitachi again. Placing her legs wide and on two different chairs. I cranked it up on high and pushed it into her pussy. It did not go all the way in but dang near did. She was jumping and wiggling all over the couch. And came I know four more times.
Then when I turned it off she begged me to put my cock in her. I asked if she would rather have her husbands? She said not yet. You got me this freakin hot you take what you want from me. I climbed inbetween her legs and pushed all of my cock inside of her on one thrust. Now I am not John Holmes but average white guy. About 7.5 inches but wide. I fucked her for about 10 minutes I would guess. I just know I was sweating like crazy. And shot a huge load into her. I already knew she was tied and not able to have kids. She came a few times while fucking her and one huge orgasm when I did.
About this time her hubby, my buddy stands up and shoves his cock in her mouth. She just goes to moaning like crazy over it. And him asking what do you think now? He pulls out long enough for her to tell him. I want him as my Dom. Are you OK with that? At that moment he said yes and came in her mouth.
He said oh hell sorry honey I know you do not like to have cum in your mouth. And here is a cup to spit it out in. I said NO, you swallow it. I do not allow my sub to spit. Spitting is not lady like. She swallowed it all and he liked to of freaked out. Saying she has never done that.
So, now I go over there to get guns fixed and get my freak on.
Pictures posted are not of her. She claims if pictures are taken she will use one of mine or his guns to shoot both of us. But the ones posted are the ones she liked and looked at first.

Copyright By dallas_golden_tongue

Mom and the Marines on the Beach

_ _ _
This is a repost of an encounter my wife had while we were on vacation before I was deployed. She was fulfilling her patriotic duty She's also posted in yesterday's wife pics under Military Wives.

At the beginning of last summer when I found out my husband was going to be deployed we decided to take a break and head out to Top Sail Island for a week at the beach. The weather was fairly cool and raining most of the week so we found things to do inside or braved the weather.

We were leaving on Saturday and it finally got really nice on Friday. Our house was right on the beach so I took my 2 and 4 yr old boys down to the beach and my husband and stepson went to play golf.

I was laying there awhile watching the kids play in the tidal pools and having a glass (or two) of wine. I felt like the sun was really coming out and I was stuck wearing a one piece I really disliked because the trip came up so fast and I didn't have time to get a new suit.

The beach was absolutely empty so I decided to risk it and take the suit off. I then turned onto my stomach and felt the warm sun all over my body. I continued to sip my wine, watch the kids and enjoy the feeling of being naked.

Well all good things must come to an end when all of a sudden a pickup truck drove right out on the beach and three guys got out. At first I thought it was some beach patrol but then I realized they were all drinking beer and laughing at me. They were saying things like, hey baby, this isn't a nude beach. I struggled to cover up but i hardly was prepared for this strike lol. The Marines had landed and were closing in. I quickly remembered how close Top Sail was to Camp Lejeune.

The Marines made there way over continuing to laugh at me and saying I was a sight for sore eyes since they had all just returned from Iraq. I tried to lighten the situation by saying that I use to be a Navy Corpsman and usually the tables were turned. This did nothing but put them into over drive. One of them offered and started to get naked saying I shouldn't be the only one breaking the law. I was flattered but said I should just put my suit back on. They would hear nothing of it and said if I was a true patriot I'd stay in my current state. With that they offered me a beer, which I took.

My kids seemed not to notice the lustful attack so I decided to stay and enjoy the attention. In truth they were very nice guys. It was obvious though that even though they were off duty one of them was still in charge. He also happened to be the guy that got naked and sat next to me. What a great body he had. So I sat there with them enjoy the beer and conversation and the constant razzing about me being a former Corpsman. They were interested to know where my husband was and when he'd be back.

The conversation eventually lead to why I was laying out naked and what sort of mom would do such a thing. I admitted I had an exhibitionist streak and had also played some in the past within my marriage. I should have been careful what I said because this really added fuel to their fire. They wanted to hear all about my exploits. I was a bit buzzed so I shared the story of my first experience They couldn't stop laugh at me to hear how a older over weight guy used me on his balcony as my husband was passed out inside the room. This is also when the degrading comments started. They could obviously sense I had a true sl*tty side and their beer drinking added to their thoughts I sure.

They enjoyed going on about, in their words, my «saggy mommy titties», «big ole suckable nips», «flabby stomach and thighs», «well fucked, wh*r* shaved c*nt», «huge meat flaps», they went on but those were the ones I remembered vividly. The naked guy who was now very visibly excited was saying how lucky I'd be as a aging mom to have three «studs» using her like she'd never had before. That a opportunity like this wasn't going to happen again. They could tell I was excited and kidded me that my nipples were hard enough to cut glass and I was probably wet as hell. They were right on both counts.

I was very tempted but worried about my kids still playing neat by oblivious to this onslaught. They said two of them would stay and watch as one would take me behind the truck for some fun. I was on fire and agreed to it especially when I saw the youngest guy of the group head over and start digging a giant hole in the sand for the kids to play in.

So with the slightest nod I agreed and was quickly pulled up to my feet and back around to other side of the truck. His name was Lance and OMG he looked good. He was just the right mix between muscles and toned runner. He had a cock that was at least 7"+ long and very think. I was immediately down on my knees sucking his big pole and licking his balls. He enjoyed calling my mommy sl*t or mommy wh*r*. He'd asked me if mommy sl*t enjoy sucking his hard Marines cock. I let out a yes I love it when I could. He complimented me on how I stroked his shaft and sucked his balls and then took his cock as deep in my mouth as I could. God he had a nice cock. He would reach down pull hard on my nipples and tell me how big and hard they were.

Right when I thought he was going to explode in my mouth he had me stand up and lean back against the truck. He proceeded to suck hard on my nipples, biting them with his teeth and pulling them back, stretching them. He was also sticking his big fingers up in side of me and I was moaning like I can't remember. He then stopped took a step back to look at me and said, fuck you are one big sl*t aren't you? I was quivering and said yes as I stared at his huge pulsing cock. He ordered me to turn around and grab the side of the truck. With that he shoved every bit of his cock inside of me and I came instantly. Everything that had led up to that moment accelerated and I was in a orgasmic frenzy. My knees gave out and I even started whimpering after the explosion ripped through me. He held me up and continued to pump me. It felt incredible. I was able to regain the strength in my legs and stand as he plowed into me. The sound of his body slapping into my ass was so loud I'm sure he friends could hear it down the beach. I was moaning and grinding myself back into him. He was telling me how good my pussy felt and how great of a fuck I was. He said he was so close to cumming and said he wanted me to taste it. He pulled out, turned me around and I quickly knelled to catch a giant stream of cum in my mouth, face and chest. He was still groaning as I licked the last bits of cum from his bright red cock.

I then stood back up and he smiled and thanks me for being such a good sl*t. I was spent for the moment and started walking back to my towel. I sat there for a minute taking it all in and he came over to telling me my phone was ringing. I couldn't even hear it I was in such a trance. I answered it and it was my husband who said there was a thunder storm and they were heading home. I turned around to look back at the mainland and sure enough there were very dark clouds quickly approaching. I yelled to the kids we needed to go. The poor faces on the other two Marines was pitiful and I promised them a rain check LOL. I really did.

I've stayed in touch with two of the guys who are both back in Afghanistan. I've promised them a welcome home party and even have my husbands permission. We're looking at being back in Topsail next spring if anybody want to have a party.

As always I love your comments. It's my main reason for writing about my adventures. So keep them coming no matter how nasty or rude.

Kisses, Jen

Copyright By jennidvo


_ _ _
We talked for days before we met. At first, I blew him off. He was too pushy, too forward, too «just what I needed.» Then he told me «I'm a dom, not an a-hole» and that's pretty much exactly what I needed to hear. I didn't realize how always, ALWAYS being in control, made me have an inborn need to be controlled. To let go of the reigns & let someone else steer me. He explained that being a submissive, a pet, a good girl was going to have to be part of my life, not just a fantasy, as I had always let it be. I'm a Scorpio so I come about my dominance, my aggressive nature, my defiance naturally. He likes it, loves it even. And I love knowing that no matter how far my “redheaded nature” may push, I will always do what he wants. I will always know when to let him take over. This part of my life literally fell into place over night. It is the fastest I have ever trusted someone implicitly, and the fastest I have ever had feelings this strong in my life. He doesn’t know that yet, but I think he will soon.

The first time we talked on the phone His voice affected my body in a way that no man’s ever has. It was as if my body knew that this person was speaking to my soul. It turned me on in such a way that I almost couldn’t speak. I know my voice was shaky when I finally did. I’m pretty sure that I told Him just how wet my pussy was. Just how much it automatically ached when He spoke, even if what He was saying wasn’t sexually based. I know that I tell Him every time we talk now, and He loves it. I don’t really remember our first phone conversation, except that the gist of it was that He would be in town over the weekend & He wanted to see me..and my response, was a hemming & hawing “I don’t know how that will be possible.” There were so many things to put into place..I couldn’t think of a way to say yes..and at the same time, my brain, my heart, my body were not going to allow me to say no. We talked the whole day, I was on the edge of an orgasm the entire time. I broke my own rule & let him come to my house. I had made a “deal” with myself..I was NOT going to fuck him. No way. Show Him my amazing blowjob skills? Yes. Kiss Him until He was breathless? Yes. Fuck Him, NO. I had to have some uncrossable line. I remember distinctly how I felt waiting Him to get to me, I remember seeing Him come up my driveway..and my willpower completely vanished. I’m surprised we made it out of the garage..So was He. I think it was the nerves at that point..My stomach was doing flips. As soon as I felt His lips on mine, I was His. I was owned. I can belong to no one else. That kiss, was more intimate than anything I’ve ever felt before. I never wanted to stop. His tongue found mine, and it was as if our mouths had known each other forever..When His hands found my nipples, it was all I could do to remain upright..and He realized this, as He shoved me hard enough against my fence that the clip in my hair broke. I didn’t even feel it. All I could feel was the cool night air on my nipples as He pinched and grabbed them..It was the most amazing feeling, and since I had on no panties (at His request) I could feel myself getting soaked through my jeans. When His mouth met my nipples, my brain almost exploded. His suckling made me almost cum, then He used his teeth on one while He pinched & pulled on the other. The sensation was so intense I thought I was going to faint. He told me “you must have a high pain tolerance, I’m being pretty rough.” I explained “when you love the pain, you can tolerate almost anything.” And that pain, I love. It hurt so, SO good. But the kissing, I couldn’t go very long without it, so I brought His mouth back up to mine, and kissed Him hard, but He let me know who was in control by continuing to torture my nipples. I remember moaning over & over into His mouth. I remember how hot His breath was on my neck as He kissed back down to my nipples. He found one of my sweet spots almost instantly as He kissed down my neck, right where my collarbone begins and He bit, hard. And it was all I could to keep from groaning loudly from the intense sensation of the pain His bite brought, mixed with the pain of my nipples being pulled. I remember how He told me my nipples were perfect. I couldn’t do anything except moan, and beg Him not to stop at this point. And yes, we were in my backyard, up against the fence, and I’m sure my neighbors heard me moan. It was His turn to try & stay quiet, as He pulled His gorgeous cock out. That was a thing of beauty, I could worship it all day (and eventually, I plan on doing just that). It is thick, smooth, a perfect length, and fits in my mouth & down my throat like it was made to be there. I had explained about my lack of gag reflex, and He explained it was time to back up my bragging. And this is where my defiance came out..I remember squatting down & just looking at that cock. It was (and is) perfect. I also remember thinking (but haven’t told Him) “this might just test the limits of the no gag reflex, I hope I can get it all in.” He was looking down at me smirking, because He knows what He’s working with. I remember starting slowly, licking down the shaft, making sure that my tongue & His balls got intimate. Then, nibbling, with just a little bit of teeth, back up to the most perfect head I’ve ever seen. Then, using my tongue to treat the head of His cock like a lollipop and lick and suck over and over. I remember Him grabbing my hair (which sent about 1000 more shockwaves through my body) and shoving His cock all the way in my mouth..Passed that test, no gagging!!! But I pushed back on His stomach, and I’m pretty sure I told Him that I was in control of this part & I didn’t need any help. That earned me another mouthful of hard, shoved in cock. And I tasted the first little bit of precum..Oh it was good. Sweet & salty at the same time, it made me want to start rubbing my clit. Instead, I used my hand to tighten & loosen around his cock while my mouth took it in as far as I could..I made the same motions with my hand as my pussy later would when I came. Hearing Him moan & try to hold back made me go that much faster & that much harder..I knew He was close to cumming..So I kissed my way back up, and got shoved back up against the fence as His mouth immidietly found my nipples, and this time, His hand found my soaked pussy. I think He was shocked as I heard a sharp intake of breath when His fingers found my swollen clit, and He felt my wetness. As He began to rub my clit, and move His fingers in and out of my aching pussy, I knew my climax was not going to take long. He told me “your clit was easy to find, and it’s so hard.” I told Him “because I’ve been swollen for days.” He smirked and laughed, and continued finger fucking me, bringing me to the edge, then bringing me back down. He wanted my orgasm, I wonder if He knew at that point just how much He owned me..I’m sure He did. I remember the second before I came, as my cunt was pulsing around His fingers, my nipples were on fire, and my lips were begging for His to stay on them, that second that I held off my orgasm and just took everything in. Then, in one fell swoop, I tumbled into an abyss of an orgasm that was DAYS in the making. It took every fiber in my being not to scream until I was hoarse. To just moan and cum so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Had He not been holding me up against the fence, I would have fallen to my knees. I have never came so hard in my life. The kiss afterwards, was one of the best in my life.

I remember afterwards, sitting on my patio for a smoke/beer break..Sitting next to Him & not being sexual was almost as big of a turn on as when we were. I knew that there was a deeper connection. I could barely sit still while He was next to me & told Him as much. He just laughed & told me that patience was a virtue..Yeah, I’m still working on that one. As we were talking..I saw His cock begin to grow again, and I know the conversation took a turn towards the sexual. He told me “take off your pants.” I told him “no, the neighbors will see.” That earned me a smack on my ass. He told me “stand up and take off your pants.” I remember sighing and reminding Him of the neighbors as my jeans slid to the ground and I stepped out of them. “Do you know what your neighbors are going to see next?” “No..” “Your pussy sliding down on my cock.” And He was right. I slid down slowly, facing away from Him. The feeling of His cock being so large that it completely filled me was divine. I am, according to him, small & tight, and I could feel myself being stretched as I am not accustomed to such a large, thick cock. As soon as He was all the way in, I just sat & felt my muscles tighten around his member. I felt my nipples stiffen and I felt my juices start to flow so much that I could feel them on my thighs. I didn’t move up & down, I simply moved my hips, almost involuntarily back and forth, so that His cock stayed right inside of me. It was almost as if I couldn’t bear to let it leave my body. I remember spreading my legs as far apart as they could go, so I could take Him in as deeply as possible and then, THEN, He wrapped his arm around my waist & His fingers slowly spread the lips of my pussy apart and I felt the breeze on my clit, and He began to rub it. “Your clit is amazing. So hard and swollen responding to my fingers and cock.” I was literally so wet and slick that there was no problem moving faster, then slower, then faster again. I remember cumming, twice. Both times so hard that my legs shivered and shook, and had I not been sitting, I again would have fallen down. No one has made me cum like that before. It was a mixture of His hands, His cock & His words. The orgasm was bliss. He took His hand away from my pussy and I pulled His fingers into my mouth..Reminding Him what my tongue was capable of. I must admit, I was tasty. Sweet & musky, yum. He told me that I really needed another cock in my mouth..I couldn’t have agreed more and I told Him so. I continued rocking my hips back & forth, responding to His moans..”What are you?” “A slut.” Who’s slut are you? “ Yours.” “What will you do for me?” “Whatever you tell me.” He told me what a filthy cum slut I was, how I was a cock-whore, but that He liked it because I was His. He told me to suck my juices off His cock. I moaned no, that I wasn’t ready for Him to stop fucking me & I kept moving myself slowly up & down on His lap. He told me He wasn’t finished fucking me, but that He needed to feel my mouth sucking my juices off of His throbbing cock. He told me to be a good girl & do as He asked..and since I love to please Him, I did as I was told..Oh, was that cock ever so tasty. To taste His precum & my juices mixed together..It was amazing. I used my mouth like the little slut that I am..probably making Him wonder where I learned my skills..until I couldn’t take it anymore & asked Him if He was planning on fucking me up against my fence..And answered in the affirmative, and again pushed me up against the fence..He bent me over at the waist, grabbing my hair as He did so, and shoved His cock in to the full length, the pain was intense and one of the most pleasurable sensations I have ever felt. I tried to raise my head up, and He pushed it back down, treating me like the submissive slut that I am..and I loved it. He grabbed my hips & told me they were damn near perfect..and He played very near to my a-hole..Telling me that soon, this too would be His. Again, I couldn’t agree more..He was fucking me so hard that we we’re moving the fence, I’m positive the neighbors that were out knew EXACTLY what was going on..and I was totally okay with that. I told him I wanted Him to cum, he asked me if I were sure and where..Yes I was sure & deeply into my pussy..So, He did. It was glorious. To feel His hot cum shooting into me, so deep, it was pure bliss, and I came, again. He turned me around & kissed me & I slid my pants back on..Feeling His cum leaking out of me, a sensation that I love.

I remember as he was leaving that literally part of my heart was leaving too..I remember grabbing Him on His way and giving a kiss that left Him wanting more…Soon, Sir, soon…

Copyright By daddyssunshine82

A first and it is true too....BBC and more

_ _ _
I have been a faithful fan and reader of wife lovers for many years and I can happily say, I finally have a story worth telling.

My wife and I have been married 20 + years and for the most part she is a typical mom and wife. We get a long great, have a great love life and are just genuinely happy. With that said, I am a typical guy, which means, we are never happy. We always need to push the envelope and add some excitement to everything. So over the past 20 plus years, I have pushed the envelope and we have had a few fun adventures, whether with another guy, twice, or visiting a club on two occasions, fun but not earth shattering like this event.

Now the fact that we have a normal sex life means, we usually have sex 2 to sometimes 3 times per week, yes there are weeks with no sex as well. We use toys and we always fantasize and talk, whether about another guy, another woman, or a couple, it varies but is is always hot.

My latest fantasy has been for her to be with a black guy. We have had some really hot sessions fantasizing about that, however, she always said this is just for us and not going to happen. Unfortunately, I believed her.

We were recently on vacation in Key West, just the two of us and we had an amazing first couple of nights, just being free spirits, having fun, getting drunk and just being happy. On the third day we took one of those all day catamaran trips and had a total blast. There were only about 18 people on the cat that holds upwards of 50, so it was just awesome. On the cat with us was a very fun and very good looking black guy named Jeff. For those that need the description, Jeff is 32, 5'9, about 160 and sick ABS. (we are both late 40's). Anyway, the day is awesome and we are just having a blast and getting a great buzz and everyone is happy. Jan (my wife) was living it up, looking smoking hot in her bikini and just having a blast. Several times over the course of the day, we would kind of move away from the rest of the people and Jeff, Jan, and I would do our own thing, whether snorkeling or jet skiing or whatever it was. The time came for the group to go parasailing and since we never did that before, we were really excited. There were only a total of 5 that decided to go, so it was decided that Jan would go twice, once with me and once with Jeff. Sorry it is long but I am typing as I remember the day and night. So anyway, after the parasailing, Jan comes over to me and starts kissing me and grabs me a couple of times. I said that was hot and asked her what made her so horny. She said that Jeff is really a sweet guy and they had fun together and he kept complimenting her and telling her that no way she was late 40's and she was so beautiful and he would love to find someone like her. She said she was loving the compliments and when she said he was full of it, he said really?? If you do not think I think you are smoking hot, just look....he moved his hands and she saw the outline of his cock in his bathing suit, which was hard and she giggled and said that is a compliment. Okay, so the end of the day comes and it is time to say goodbye to everyone. Jeff shakes my hand and gives Jan a big hug and a kiss and told her that she made his day. As we said goodbye, I told him that since he is alone, maybe he would like to meet us for dinner or drinks. He lit up and said definitely and gave me his number and I said after a nap, we will call him.

When we got back to the room, Jan was on fire, she ripped off her bikini and told me that she needed me to just go down on her right then and there and then fuck her hard. As I was going down on her she was so hot and her eyes was closed tight and I started telling her to make believe it was jeff's tongue and fingers and that he loved the way she tasted and he wanted to make her cum so hard....she moaned and wiggled hard and pushed her cunt harder into my face and said she was already thinking that and she might really want him. I went nuts....a million thoughts flowed through my mind but I just kept drinking her until she came so hard. After she came she wanted me to fuck her but I told her know, that we will nap, shower and she will be fucked enough that night....more soon...sorry.

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Caught Wife Cheating....Part 1

_ _ _
Here is Part 1:

I have always dreamed of my wife fucking someone else but what happened last week was more than I could have imagined.
My wife Teresa is 42 but has kept herself in very good shape. She is 5’6 120lbs and is 36C and shaves her pussy bald. We have a great sex life and she even let me share her once. But she said she would rather not do it again.
She and her father haven’t spoken in 20 years because he is a hard headed jerk. 2 years ago his 3rd wife died (not Teresa’s mom). Teresa and I went to the funeral (3 hours away) and Tom (her Dad) seemed to want to reestablish his relationship with her. She is the youngest of the 3 girls.
They started writing back and forth, she sent birthday and Christmas cards and he did the same. They call each other and chat about events of the week.
A week ago he called and told her he was in the hospital and wanted to know if she could come up and spend some time nursing him back to health. He’s 73 but looks older. Teresa went and after 4 days I was getting lonesome and horny so I jumped into my jeep and made a quick trip north.
I finally got there at 9pm and saw lights on in one of the bedrooms. I figured it was the one Teresa was staying in so I figured I would crawl through the window and surprise her without bothering her Dad.
As I got to the window I saw the blinds were open enough to see inside and was stunned beyond words. I was frozen where I stood. There in the bedroom was my wife and her father Tom in an intimate embrace.
Tom slid a hand up her skirt and started stroking her most private place. She moaned, grinding against his hand before he pushed her down on the bed, Tom now on top of her.
His lips moved from her for the moment and she felt them attack her neck and shoulders.
“Oh my God Daddy,” she gasped, his hand now moving to her breasts, causing her nipples to harden.
He kissed her again and she wrapped a leg around him, feeling his hardness press into her through his jeans. Teresa's heart was racing and she felt herself getting damp, she needed this, she had wanted it for so long no matter how wrong it was.
“Daddy,” she gasped in the split second their lips parted again, 'I want you inside me”
Teresa’s hands glided up his sides and in one tactful movement his shirt was removed, exposing his muscular chest. Tom responded by removing Teresa’s purple blouse. Tom slid his hands over her skin and around her back, and she lifted herself to help as he removed her bra, exposing her beautiful breasts and hard nipples. Tom’s lips started attacking her breasts as her hands explored his muscles.
“Oh Daddy” she said as her eyes suddenly closed in pleasure.
He attacked her left breast with his mouth, sucking and licking while his hands explored her smooth perfect skin. She started to squirm under him, lost in the feel of his lips on her as they moved to her right breasts, biting a little and driving her to new heights of excitement. Tom slowly kissed his way down to Teresa’s panties. Tom took hold of her panties and slowly pulled them off as Teresa lifted her ass of the bed. He purposely went slowly to draw out the experience.
A moment later Teresa opened her legs exposing her beautiful clean shaven pussy to her father. Tom gently moved his fingers over her pussy and stroked her up and down. It didn't take long before he pushed in further sticking one of his fingers inside her cunt. «Mmmm that feels so good,» Teresa moaned.
“Teresa baby your pussy is terrific,” Tom exclaimed. Her cunt was already wet. He pushed his finger in and out several times.
«It feels so nice and tight,» I heard Tom comment under his breath.
Tom got on his knees and lowered his head between her legs. She moaned even louder with Tom’s mouth on her pussy. Tom licked up and down her slit.
Teresa continued to moan as her Dad worked her pussy over.
Tom opened his mouth up wider and tried to push his tongue in deeper. She seemed to push back against him at the same time, as though she wanted to accept it.
«Oh God Daddy, I can't stand it,» She cried out some more, while she opened her legs wider, and Tom drove his tongue in even deeper. He tasted the warm, succulent juices of her cunt. Tom continued to eat Teresa's pussy for a while.
«Oh Daddy » Teresa cried out in heat, as he push his tongue in and out of her narrow slit.
«Daddy, fuck me,» Teresa cried out. «Daddy, please fuck me!» Teresa moaned. «I want you inside me.”
Panting, her heart racing, she started desperately tugging at his pants, trying to undo his belt and access his cock. He slid out of his jeans and boxers, leaving him completely exposed to her.
Tom’s cock had thick veins like tiny rivers running its nine inch length. Teresa's hand grabbed his cock, stroking it as he kissed her.
When Tom moved between her smooth legs and placed his cock at the entrance of her hot wet pussy. I saw Teresa shudder in excitement. Tom kissed his daughter, as she was giving herself completely to her father and allowing it to happen as his cock slowly parted her cunt lips.
Tom had a devilish grin on his face as he pushed the entire length of his shaft into her. From the window I could see she was very wet allowing his penetration with ease, and she let out a moan as he took her. Teresa wrapped her legs around him and hooked her feet over his legs. Tom began thrusting in and out of her pussy while kissing her mouth letting her taste herself. Teresa pushing her hips up slightly to meet his thrusts as he moved inside of her.
Teresa was enjoying her father’s monster cock. I could see it in her face.
Tom's lips attacked her neck and it wasn't long before he moved onto more tasty delights… her nipples.
Teresa’s hands moved over his back and sides. Tom’s swelling balls pressed against Teresa's ass with every deep thrust. Teresa couldn't help but moan a long drawn out sound. Tom started to quicken his pace.
Her body gave in and I could see the telltale signs that Teresa had started to cum. Tom's breathing became more intense, he stopped pumping for a moment.
“Please don’t stop,” she gasped her words little more than segmented syllables between breaths.
Tom continued kissing her with more intensity. She reciprocated and they were all over each other, his hips moving again and her pussy yearned for every inch of his cock. Her hands moved over him, her legs caressed his skin, her hips desperately pushed up towards him and her breathing was labored. They were no longer father and daughter they were lovers.
Teresa’s wetness after her orgasm was now creating a noticeable wet patch on the sheet, not to mention Tom’s cock and sack were drenched in her juices, and she reached between his legs to massage his balls as she kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth. Tom's pace started to quicken and his grunting was driving her wild.
Tom stopped and looked like he was trying to make it last. Just then I saw them changing positions, Tom pulled her up and pulled her to the edge of the bed so he could stand on the floor and fuck my wife.
He slammed into her in one stroke and started pumping like he was racing for the finish line. She kept screaming, “Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me harder Daddy”. He held her ankles up and pounded her like a drum. Here was my father in law fucking my wife and she loved it.
For 15 minutes I watched as he used her like a fuck toy and suddenly Tom stopped and held his dick deep in her pussy. He was cumming deep inside her. I watch as he filled her with a batch of baby batter that at one time was dumped in her mom to make Teresa.
He held her hips to try and stay inside her as long as he could then he slipped out and pulled Teresa up in a sitting position and caressed her face for several minutes. His dick was still hard and Teresa seemed to know what came next. She leaned down and cleaned up his dick and balls with her mouth while he rubbed her back. When she was done she stood up and they hugged for a long time ending with a deep lovers kiss. Tom patted her butt and said, “I love you baby girl” then made his way to the bedroom door and left.
Teresa lay back on her bed and was basking in the glow of the fuck session she had just finished. She was drifting off the sleep so I quietly raised the window and crawled in. Once in the room I dropped my clothes and climbed into bed and spooned with her. She must have thought it was her Dad because she snuggled and wiggled backwards into me. I put my hand over her mouth and she looked over to see me. Her scream was muffled but her tears started falling like a thunderstorm. Still holding her mouth I whispered that I had seen everything and that before she tries to explain anything I wanted my turn inside her. I folded her like a dollar bill and put her legs over my shoulders and started fucking her as hard as I could. I guess I was trying to punish her for cheating but at the same time I was having the time of my life. I added a respectable load to Tom’s and then rolled off her. She leaned over to say something and I cut her off and pushed her head down to my softing dick for her to lick it clean.
I was laying there with her licking my balls trying to think of what do I do now…
She told me when she drove him home from the hospital he asked her to sleep in his bed in case he needed something overnight. The second night she felt his arm caress her and she just blew it off. The 3rd night he started feeling her up supposedly while he was asleep. She just let it go. But the next might when she decided to sleep in the guest bedroom he waited till she was asleep and crawled into bed with her and fucked her for the first time. She said while he was in the hospital she gave him a sponge bath and was amazed how big his dick was. All the while she said she wondered what it would feel like inside her. When he crawled into bed with her she let her lust take over.
I told her we would discuss this when she got home the next day and I left.

Copyright By dirtydano53

quickie from Bostonbif

_ _ _
So I was poking around different web sites and I saw a picture of a beautiful penis. I made a comment and Got a email back almost Immediately. We passed a few emails until up popped a Yahoo IM. Turns out he was 2 city's away and a nice man ta boot we stayed up chatting away changing porn links and he challenged me to a yahoo IM game of pool I am ok at it and we made a bet for a beej if I lost and 2 out of 3 I lost. I took a huge chance and said ok meet me here… and gave him directions to a place to park near me. I saw the light of the TV flicker from bedroom door and I called the dogs name asked if she needed to pee. I grabbed the leash and went out into the chilly night, down the street to the right is a entrance to a wooded park. as I approached the truck he called my name I said yea and put dog in back and he smiled as he was a 40 something fat guy, I said I don't have much time I lost lets do this. he lowered his jeans and boxers and out popped his hard monster must have been 8'' and girthy, yum!!! I went to town and when he said he was going to cum I gulped it all down… and said lets play again next time if I win I'm going to ride that big boy and jumped back out and walked home,,,

Copyright By bostonbif

In the earlier days (Long)

_ _ _
Was asked in a few e-mails about some of our earlier times of sharing. So I will post a story on one of the ongoing playing that we did. We had been playing for quite a while with a real good friend that took a job up north and moved away for a while. So we had went about eighteen months not playing at all and no plans to do so anytime soon.

At the time her mom who was a widow had been going to a singles club and had met a guy that she started seeing on a pretty regular basis. After about three months we were invited to his house for a cook out and we went and was rather impressed with the lavish surrounding and it was pretty obvious he was well off.At the time the wife was thirty seven and her mom was 59 and Jim the guy she had been seeing was sixty four. Well things rocked on and he became a fixture around her moms.Nothing out of the ordinary other than the wife told me on several occasions it seemed every time Jim had a chance he would walk behind her and rub against her ass or make sure he rubbed against her tits when he walked in front of her. I offered to say something and she said no she would tell him to cool it, which she did and it seemed to no longer be a problem.

We were struggling like most married couples and she had a old Olds Cutlass that was on its last leg. Jim told us that he had a Fiero that was sporty and in good condition and if she wanted it we could pay him off over time. Very nice of him and we took him up on it. A couple months later her mom told us that she was no longer seeing Jim and wanted to make sure that we paid him so she would not have to have any dealings with him. We did as she asked and it rocked on a couple of months. I got home one day and she told me that Jim had called and told her if she would let him just «lick» her we could skip a couple payments. I asked what she told him and she said she told him she couldn't do that and he said well think about it first before you say no.

I told her it was her decision and its not like he was asking to 'f*** her and she has played before. She went over well we really could use the extra money and back and forth before asking would I be okay with her telling him she would do it but I had to be at the house and he would have to knock three payments off. I told her that was okay with me.She called him and told him what her stipulations were and he said he was fine with them as long as I would not be there to start any trouble with him. She assured him I was not going to do that and then asked when did he want to do this.He asked how about Saturday afternoon. We headed over to his place about two .She wore nothing special jeans and a blouse the only thing remotely sexy was she did have on some very lacy panties. We got there and Jim dressed in a robe shook my hand and had made out three receipts dated that date for the next three months.

He then turned toward her and told her thanks and asked was she ready. She said she guess and reminded him that I would also be there. Jim said you mean he is going in the bedroom with us and she told him yes that was her stipulation. He agreed and we followed him to the bedroom, once there he turned and asked her could he undress her and she said all I am taking off is my jeans and panties but you can take them off if you like. He reached over unsnapped her jeans and then pulled them down and letting her step out of them. He then hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and did the same with them. She laid back on the bed and scooted up. Jim then asked really both of us would it be okay if he took his robe off, She looked over at me and I shrugged and she said I guess it will not hurt anything. He took it off with his back towards me and I kinda heard her swallow hard. I looked over at him as he turned and dropped it on a dresser and he had what was the absolutely thickest c*** I had ever seen.

True to his word he laid on the bed between her legs and proceeded to 'lick" her. I could see it in her face but she was trying hard not to moan and acted as she was just doing what she needed to do. This went on for about twenty minutes and he took a break for a minute and told her that they never really discussed how long and was she okay with him doing it a while longer. She glanced at me and then told him yes that was fine.He ended up licking her for about fifty five minutes and I know that she came at least once. When Jim finally got up he headed to bathroom and got her a towel and came back to put his robe on. He was now semi hard and probably only about six inches long but it had to be nearly around as a beer bottle. She made sure she got a good look before he put his robe on.

She got dressed we went to the kitchen with Jim had a coke and sat there with him talking for a little while.

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My First Threesome

_ _ _
Husband's story:

When I was about 25 years old I had a girlfriend who was really open about sex. Before I met her, she and her best friend had moved in together as roommates in an apartment.

When we slept overnight at her place for the first time, I discovered that she and her roommate shared one king-sized bed. There wasn't any hanky-panky going on, they were simply platonic roommates. But it meant that I had to sleep on the couch.

After the lights went out and it got real quiet, the girls started talking to me from the bedroom. They would say things, and I would answer. I would say things, and they would answer. And then for about 20 minutes there was silence and giggling.

I was just starting to fall sleep when my girlfriend called my name. She asked me to come to the bedroom. When I did she said they were concerned that I was sleeping on the couch, and they were okay with me sleeping in the bed If I could be a gentleman.

You can see this forming way in advance, but at the time I was a naïve kid and had no idea what was coming. Never in my most twisted hormone-induced dreams that I imagine something like this could really happen.

And honestly, it's quite possible the girls had no idea what was about to happen either. They were just as young as I was. And I doubt her roommate would've planned something like this in advance. But it's true my girlfriend was more of a free spirit, and so maybe she was just «hoping» something would happen, but didn't know what.

So I'm lying on my back, and my girlfriend and roommate are doing the same thing. My girlfriend uses her left hand to hold my right hand. A few minutes later the roommate touches my leg with her hand. I touch her back. She grabs my hand and starts rubbing it.

Now being a horny young man laying between two young verile women, this gets me excited. So I let go of my girlfriend's hand and turn towards the roommate. We are holding each others hand at this point, and my face is about 2 inches from hers. Her face moves toward me and we start kissing.

Almost immediately, my girlfriend gets up out of the bed and says «I have to smoke» and she goes outside. I tell the roommate «I'll be right back too». And I follow her.

Once outside, it's obvious my girlfriend is a little pissed off. I started apologizing to her, and I told her I wouldn't do anything she didn't want me to do. She says that really isn't the problem… she is worried that her friend will get pissed off if I put the moves on her, because she is a strict Catholic and even has trouble talking about sex. Or even worse, she will become attached to me.

I was a little relieved to hear this, because I figured the next thing was going to be her breaking up with me. I promised I wouldn't let the attachment happen, and I said that she is an adult and can make around decisions about sex. She seemed relieved, and then got to thinking that it might be kinky to have a threesome with her. But she said there was no way she was going to touch her roommate, because she wasn't attracted to her like that. I agree.

So we both go back inside and climb back into the bed. Again we are laying all on our backs, but this time I immediately grab the hands of the girls. Once I realize everything is okay, I turn towards my girlfriend and start kissing her. During the kissing I roll on top of her, and we are engaging in a serious make out session.

With my right hand, I reached over to the roommate and pulled her closer. She willingly moved right next to us. I started rubbing her breasts with my hand under her T-shirt. I lifted up my girlfriend's nightgown and slid my cock inside her dripping wet pussy.

Not wanting to leave the roommate out, I leaned over and started making out with the her while I was fucking my girlfriend. So here I am, screwing my girlfriend and making out with a chick I had met only a few hours earlier. To this day, it is hands-down one of the most erotic things I've ever done, if not the most erotic.

This goes on for about 30 seconds, and my girlfriend gives me a wink and nod and motions for me to fuck her roommate. I still wasn't sure she was going to let me do this. But I moved on top of her and she spread her legs. I was in that pussy in a heartbeat, fucking away.

The roommate starts moaning in excitement, so I twisted back over to my girlfriend and started kissing her. For the second time this evening something amazing is happening. I'm fucking a girl I just met a few hours ago, while I'm making out with my girlfriend.

We went back and forth like this about six times, until I came inside the roommate. The friend immediately jumped up, and went to take a shower. I was taken aback by this, but I moved back over to my girlfriend. We continued fucking until I came again. The roommate eventually returned to the bed and said «I'm done for the night» in a pissed off manner. My girlfriend whispers that it's probably a good idea if I sleep on the couch.

The whole thing happened so quickly, and it was so surreal, that by the time I woke up the next morning I almost thought it was a dream. Turns out the roommate was so pissed off that she never spoke to me again. A month later she moved out of my girlfriends apartment, and wound up living about 350 miles away.

20 years later, thinking a little more clearly as an older and wiser adult, I wondered if she got pregnant and moved away to raise our baby. Or maybe she was just so ashamed (after her horniness wore off) she wanted to move far away from us. Either way, I will never understand what happened there.

Everyone got what they wanted, and obviously everyone wanted it to happen, so why get angry? It just bothers me that I never found out WHY she was so pissed. We even offered to bring her into the relationship as a three-way. No go. Anyway, that's another discussion.

Anyway, that was my first threesome.

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