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Very Short Skirt

— — I always used to wear very short skirts, my husband had a little fetish for me in them because he liked looking at my bare legs and being able to finger my pussy easily. He knows I love being fingered and being kept wet. Being fingered by a nice man is lovely as any girl will tell you.

Years went by and his little fetish changed, he wanted me to wear stockings and garter belts all the time as he had new games for us to play instead. So my skirts had to be longer.

But one morning he said hed like to see me in a very short skirt again. He asked me to meet him at his office in town wearing one later on that day. He said hed bought a new one for me and had left it on the bed. I said Id love to wear it for him, then he kissed me goodbye and left for work.

Later on I try my new skirt on, it certainly is very revealing, a very, very, short skirt indeed. Now as a young girl you can get away with it easy, its a fashion statemen, but on a woman that bit older guys tend to make assumptions about you, that youre a slut and you drop your panties easily. But Id spent years in very short skirts so I know I can deal with guys being cheeky with me. So Ive no problem with wearing my new one and I finish getting ready.

Under my new skirt I put on some sexy white panties with little pink flowers on. Then a bra to match the panties, a little button up top and strappy stilettos. I strut around the house for a while  admiring myself in my new very short skirt, Ive still got the legs for it. I look like a slut but very sexy though, I know hell want to fuck me as soon as he sees me because he likes me looking slutty and cheap.

I do my sexy wiggly walk to the bus stop and get two car honks in just a couple of minutes. On the bus my legs are getting quite a lot of attention, I reckon one old boy can easily see my panties from where hes sitting,  I pretend I havent noticed him looking, give him a smile, make his day.

At the next stop this guy gets on and sits next to me, quite good looking he is. He starts chatting me up, giving me lots of flattery and saying sexy things about my nice legs and how very short my skirt is. I reckon hes getting a hard on because he starts sitting with his hands covering his crotch.

I know he thinks Im a cheap little slut and that he fancies his chances of getting in my panties pretty quick. In my younger days Id have fucked him without doubt. More than likely Id have been on the back seat sucking his cock by now. But these days Im married and dont get fucked just like that.

He keeps going on with the flattery and invites me to go for a drink with him at a nearby bar. I think hes a really nice guy and decide to save him wasting his time on me. So I tell him the truth. I whisper in his ear.

«I know you want to fuck me but I cant because Im married, sorry.»

«Would you fuck me if you werent married ?» He whispers back.

«A lady doesnt have to answer that.»

«Youre no lady, not in that skirt — what about a blow job then?»

«Thats as good as a fuck in my view.» I whisper back.

He puts his hand on my leg and slowly moves up my thigh, he starts with the flattery again, only getting sexier with it. Hes turning me on now.

«What about letting me finger you then? I know I could make you cum, Youd love that wouldnt you? Think about me shoving my fingers up your wet cunt» and his hand is almost under my skirt now.

Id already been thinking about that, I like the idea of this guy giving me a good fingering.

«Just a fingering, what about you?» I whisper. He knows Im really easy now,

«Just a fingering, Ill jerk off thinking about you later» And he slides his hand under my skirt, touches my crotch. «Your panties are wet» he whispers.

«Where do you want to do it?» I ask him

" The alley behind Woolworths, at the next stop." He knows hes got me now. Presses a finger against my pussy through my panties. He makes a move, puts his arm around me and gives me a little snog.

We get off at the next stop, theres quite a few people around and Im getting plenty of looks at my legs being flashed off in my very short skirt. Im really up for it now. I want this guy to finger me hard.

In the alley we go behind some big trash cans where we cant be seen. We start snogging, mouths wide open snogging, he puts his tongue in my mouth and explores all around in a sloppy french kiss. He kneels down quick, puts both hands up my skirt and has my panties down in a flash, I step out of them and he puts them in his pocket.

He starts snogging me again, really deep kissing all the time moving his hand really slowly between my legs. His fingers gently playing with my pussy lips and clit which starts to drive me crazy. He slides a fingertip into me. I know Im soaking wet now, he could shove four fingers up anytime, but hes teasing me.

He presses his crotch against me, I can feel his hard cock. He rubs himself against me so I can feel how big it is. Hes still snogging me as his hand goes up inside my top, then cups a breast. He eases my breast out of my bra cup and then frees the other one. He lifts my top to expose both my breasts then starts sucking on one of my nipples. I like that. He leans back and lifts my top higher, not caring about where I am I raise my arms as he pulls it over my head and lets it drop to the ground.

He sucks my tits, one after the other, and slides his hand up to my cunt again, now he slides two fingers in and forces them up me as deep as he can and curls them up inside me. My cunts flowing now as he works a third in, withdraws then gives me the full four finger treatment, He fingers me hard, pulling and grabbing the wall of my cunt, a little bit rough with me, making me flinch a bit.

Ive got my head resting on his chest and my hands on his shoulders. I gasp as he lifts me a little with his hand cupped inside me. Hes lifting me up harder, makes his hand slide in deeper, Im gasping a lot now, and hes keeps twisting and probing inside of me, and Ill soon be squealing if he carries on, hes got to make me cum now.

But he stops and pulls his hand out. My knees give a fraction.

He takes his cock out.

«Suck my cock you slut.»

I dont say anything, I expected it anyway. I give him a «you bastard» look and sink to my knees and take the tip of his cock in my mouth. He holds my head and pulls me forward, forces a good length of his shaft to the top of my throat, then back and forth face fucking me. He gives me a few harder thrusts that make me gag a bit but not too much, he sees Im taking it ok, that Im a good cock sucker, so he thrusts even harder and deeper into my throat. His cock is really throbbing, Im loving sucking his cock.

He pulls right back so I can suck on his bell end, I roll my head and work my tongue on his glans, I pull back a bit and work some spit up, give lots of wet licks all along his shaft. His wet cock slides nice and easy now, I can take his full length into my throat, then back and forth again. I keep going at it getting faster and faster, I give him my very best slutty blow job.

«Im gonna spunk in your mouth you cheap easy bitch.»

Hes going to cum any moment, Ill take the full load, no messy facials, I start working on the head again, get a good grip with my lips, so hell fill my mouth when he cums without too much mess over my face.

«Im cummin… cocksucker»

And he shoots a blast to the top of my throat, a couple more spasms and my mouth is filled with his spunk. I pull back and a dribble of cum runs over my chin, but the rest I gulp down my throat, it takes me a few swallows but I get there. I enjoy it, I love drinking his cum. I show him my open mouth so he can see that Ive been a good girl and drunk his full load.

He doesnt say anything and I put my tits back in my bra cups, put my top back on.

«Would you like to meet up and do that again?» I ask him.

«Fuck off — I just used you seeing you looked so cheap and easy in that very short skirt» And he runs off with my panties with little pink flowers on.

I sort myself out a bit and and then walk the rest of the way to meet my husband, I feel like a used back alley whore. When I arrive my husbands all excited to see me looking so sexy in my very short skirt, he has his hand up me straight away and asks where my panties are. I have to tell him the truth because I love him.

«Ive been a total slut sucking a strangers cock off in a back alley,» I confess to him.

«I let him fuck my mouth and I swallowed all his cum.»

My husband is disgusted at what a tramp of a wife I am. He fucks me hard on his desk as punishment for being such a tart in a very short skirt. He empties his balls in my pussy, then decides to take me home to go play another naughty game with him.

«Your panties with little pink flowers on,» and he hands me them back as we leave.

Copyright © steffanie  xxx
  • 15 October 2011, 21:03
  • admin
so was that your husband in the ally??
hmmmmm I think it was,Hello somebody!
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