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No matter what....

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When it come to the the power of love no one can stop it in this world. I fall into love where none of my family agree. He was someone special and he was someone i love. I remember how when both share our dream and fight when time get hard. Everyone was againt our love and no one was on our side. As time past us by thing go out of control. Our relationship started to fall apart. Dream and hope started to die. Pain and hurt started to walk in. As we standing there fighting we both make a mistake that change everything. Now we both are left with pain and sorrow of losing each other. How can we let people win this battle of our love. Why did we let it happen. All we have are memories from the past. Even when i move far away that place in my heart was make for you. Those now when both going through hard time that love we have will prove them wrong. As i move to other state was the painful thing i ever did. I know where ever he is he thinking of cause i know it deep down in my heart. Even distance may depart us from each other. I will pray that we will have our chance to each our dream together once again in this life time. We have both learn from our mistake and i pray that my family someday will welcome again. Know matter what we will make it through this life time.

Where ever u are what ever u do please remember i will alway love u Andrew. In God we trust.

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