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Stunning mature wife on cruise (pics)

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My wife and I have been married for 25 years and to celebrate we were going on a Mediteranean cruise. I don't think she realizes the looks she gets when she walks in a room and the lustful stares from all the guys. For the last 25 years one of my fantasies is to watch her with another guy to which she has responded «not a chance». Well, out of the blue a week before the cruise she told me my fantasy was about to come true.
I don't know what changed her mind but wasn't going to ask. The agreement was, she would do ANYTHING I asked as long as it didn't hurt.
This is all true and I'm getting hard thinking about it again. Let's cut to the chase.
I couldn't wait to get on board out of Barcelona. I wanted to test out her commitment and also watch her get laid. She was dressed in a yellow sundress in our balcony room when the steward walked in with our luggage. I had to see how this was going to go, so I told my wife to lift her dress up when the steward was there. Then I proceeded to turn her around, bend her over and slide her panties to the side. She was so sloppy. The steward was a little puzzled till I waved him over and had him shove his fingers up my now very wet wife. Within 30 seconds there was the steward with his cock up my never before fucked except by me wife. Kim didn't really know what to do but look at me as the steward was getting close. She told him to pull out and don't cum in me, so he shot his load all over her ass. I was so hard and horny that I was fucking her as the steward was getting dressed and watching.
Here are some of the highlights of the cruise.
On the first formal night she looked gorgeous in her royal blue gown. Around 4 we went down to have drinks and I was past the point of beating around the bush. So I went up to a good looking guy at the bar (Brett ?) and asked him if he wanted to please my wife now? 10 minutes later as we walk in our room I have Kim pull up her gown to show off her black thong. Brett's like a bull in a china shop, he pushes her down on the bed and proceeds to bury his nose in Kim's pussy. Kim lifts her knees to give him better access and Brett laps her pussy to a toe curling orgasm. Brett then wastes no time in entering my wife and Kim in really getting into this and asking me if I enjoy watching another cock pumping her pussy. She still has this formal blue gown on with her legs pushed back over her head and Brett's cock is oozing out pre-cum into her. When Brett starts getting close she urges him to pull out but it's too late and he cums inside of her and he cums and he cums. There is cum dribbling down her pussy into her ass and she looks fantastic.
After dinner and the show we go dancing and Kim is getting stares everywhere we go. I'm getting bold now and while we're sitting at the table I tell her to go ask this guy to dance. After the dance they both come back to the table and we chat for awhile, then I just blurt out to Jack (I think) to feel my wife's pussy under the table. Kim was a little embarrassed at this at first until Jack was starting to get her off. I told them to go back to our room and don't bring Kim back until her pussy his full of cum. 15 minutes later they returned with a smile or 2 and I felt Kim's pussy to verify it and boy was she gooey.
I was starting to get a little power hungry due to Kim had to do anything I told her to. So the next afternoon we're sitting out by the pool and I noticed this European in a speedo in which it appeared he had a very large cock. I told Kim to go up to him and ask him back to our room. It didn't take her long to ask him, even though she was a little uncomfortable with this. When we got back to our room I had Kim lie on the bed with her bikini on and told Thomas to have at her. He was a little shy, so I helped him out by pulling her bottoms off, that was all he needed. His cock popped out of the top of the speedo and when Kim saw it she gasped a little. When Thomas got hard he had to be as thick as a coke bottle and about 9 inches. He slid his cock back and forth on Kim's slit and then finally slid in the first 2 inches. Kim then pulled her knees up to her chest as Thomas kept sliding his cock into my wife and he pumped her for awhile with about 2 inches never going all the way in. She finally told Thomas she wanted it all and he rammed her full with one thrust and his balls rested up against her ass, what a sight. Took her about 10 seconds to adjust to the size and then he pounded started to pound her hard and her pussy opened up and started to make that slurping sound. She always needed the help of a vibrator to cum when we were fucking but I could tell by the curl in her toes that Thomas was about to make her cum with just his cock. Kim then started in on stuff I've never heard her say, fuck me, deeper, bury your cock in my pussy, I want to feel you cum in me. WOW, that's my wife!.. Kim came and while she was still twitching Thomas shot his very large load in my wife. I then fucked her and Thomas took one more turn.
On the third night Kim was starting to get used to this. We were out dancing up in the younger bar with all the 20 year olds and these 3 guys were all pointing at us from another table so I yelled over (DJ was loud) what they wanted.1 guy came over and said how pretty Kim was and they have a similiar aged friend back home with a mom that looks just like her, (ouch). Well, we started to talk and dance and I whispered to one of the guys to take Kim on the dance floor and to see how far he could get with her. Cont'd shortly
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how come theres no pictures like it says?
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  • mre
  • 25 October 2013, 23:29
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