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I held on her hips, then took her waist, her legs wide spread to its limit. My head cock was set exactly at the vagina opening and I began to push in, little by little.  There was a moment here as I felt my penis burning just as the vagina muscles had gripped my manhood.




This is a story about an incredible situation I went through four and a half years ago; real story, real facts, names changed  so not to hurt others.


How do I look like? Well, Im dark skinned –brown skin- and by the time this happened, say four years ago, my body was different. Of course it has changed. Before, I was slim  and single.   Well, I dont mean Im fat now, but a few pounds have add up to my body along these years.  I have straight hair,  and well kept hands  that only  perform office work, not tough manual labour at all.


As I was about to start working in a new company, my boss would be a woman here, a deputy –she was the big wheel here.  I followed rules before engagement so I had to go through interview or discussion work to check my capabilities or potential here.  But at the moment of inquiring,  I began to feel something strange which I identified as a strong attraction toward this would be boss, impressed by her magnificent beauty, too charming woman, apart than she was slim.  Definitely, she was stunningly awesome. 


She was shorter than I, 1.59 mts. tall and the owner of small adorable tits (I was too curious about how they felt at contact), with   straight hair and  a charming smile. Her buttocks were too beautiful for an age,  but what really drove me crazy the most was a well shaped ass, probably a family heritage.


Her legs could be viewed under her skirt, of those you wont forget,    the most beautiful in town. Well, she in fact would be the best baby to love!  She appeared randomly 25yo  -if she was 25, I reckon  Id be 19 by this time.


This exciting  escapade, began on a day trip to another location -other business headquarters-a place not too far away from main office. We had small talk during the trip, and subject here would be around my past engagement, which as I said, had been too sorrowful, while I learned she was married time ago and began to put in the picture about it. I addressed her too formally, Mrs …  to  keep a respectful attitude all the way, coz she was supposed to be  my boss. She didnt  like this, so   Id rather called her  Reina "just call me  Reina"  she would say. 

As soon as our team got to the city, we all went into a general store to buy all necessary stuff for a contryside trip, and all bits and pieces were loaded into a pick up truck. Off we were on a secondary road that leads out of town. We were all hungrynow  -lunch time- thus decided to return to town and find a restaurant.  My boss and I sat at the same table to order, and had small talk in the meantime.  All of a sudden, without warning, the restaurant TV began to show a new program, sex scenes with main stars doing love to each other, so Brenda (thats my boss name) and I exchanged lust glances, like partners in the crime.

We finished eating and headed  for our cars, then hit the road again, but I felt more comfortable if I held  her while walking  toward the pick up truck,   too embarrased  though. I wanted to help her into the truck, but I think just wanted to cop a feel.


As we drove off, our hands again touched her accidentally, at a moment she hit the steering wheel for potholes -a dirty road, at intervals.  She didnt say boo, so I kept  my left hand resting on hers on the stick shift, while  changing gear, low – high for road comfort,  then  hers was now on top of mine! Her hand was cold so I offered to give it some warmth.

Since  she was slow to hint me, I began to stroke her hand more, and her response came up  almost immediately:  This woman was a road hog, and while driving she was taking more than her share of the road, so she veered to one side of the road at instances, then   pulled off  to say: "Hey, stop it, Im a married woman, so  dont you think youre wasting your time here?"


Such utterance coming from that woman was no use, for both began to approach each other, slowly, while looking at our lips closing in, and suddenly, the great kiss, too passionate and deep.


I got down to her neck progressively, kissing her and grabbed her hand again. She didnt resist. I continue to creep into her gradually, nonetheless heard her saying "stop it", but I wouldnt believe her, it was meant for dont stop. 


I  continued stroking her by sliding my hand under her top. I felt those nipples hard,  a sign  she had been wishing more, as she was progresively  getting more turned on by my touching.    She succeeded in stopping me at times, but I persisted to press on her   -I dont give up too easily-  and finally, broke into that barrier, to beat  the little obstacle between she and myself, a bra holding  the beautiful tits, with nipples really standing hard and poking out. Oh, my God. This is great!


I instantly felt like electricity rushing through my body when my fingers made contact with her tits.  I reckon she was having the same vibrations, could tell by the moment she thrust her head back to prepare and enjoy my strokes better.   


My hand got down to unbutton her pants. Suddenly, as I kept going,  I run into a beautiful hairy mound and began to touch  it and  feel it temporarily.  She moved her hands on to my crotch and  it brought me to the very edge of heaven the moment I felt my balls stroking,  as she reached my penis  in a split of a second. This comment  was uttered by her while stroking my rod:


 "Oh, how long it is, no thick though! Not thick!"


Im aware my penis isnt a long one, like average, but she had this reaction concerning a penis judgement about sizes!  Was she a demanding woman? I wondered.


We stopped up here and resumed trip. She started the engine first and waited a long minute on idle.  Our thoughts roamed, wandering, revolved in our minds, looking for an answer to questions on how possible we could get into this.


My obsession would surface again, as each employee was officially approved for a tour around town -we were visitors.  I dont wish to tell a whole account here, but one important point would be the  outcome on our way back to base camp, superb!


We were almost leaving town riding our truck, and many motels were sighted along the way before we would take a pathway out of town.  Exchanged glances but none of us had made a comment so far, considered potential clients to one of these motels nonetheless.


We made up our minds as we spot what appeared a cheap one at edge of road. Too nervous to start a new sex escapade here, we were lead by the hotel clerk into  an available room and would start our new "fuck film" ja, ja!


We were too nervous -she was the most- and I could tell by her quivering.  I started to worry about morals or principles here, but the answer would come soon, as a long and loving kiss was the side dish!


It takes two to tango: this cannot happen without more than one person.  No way out, so lets shake and bake, I thought.



This would be the right moment to press,  and  I could  clutch her waist to oblige her towards me while she still hugged me nervously. Probably none of us could predict what was going to happen next, the unknown and mysterious. One important thing to do here would be to take off her coat, first thing. As I was done with this stuff, I slide off her pants so this is a girl wearing only small top showing her beautiful tits. I still recall these events as  I loosened her blouse and took off her pants too. These are  moments  a man long for in a girl: to see her naked if he loved her, only wearing a panty... I was delighted by the sight of this lady standing there almost naked.


I laid her on the bed on her back to play bouncy bouncy,   ride on top, kissing her mouth, neck, and going down to her breasts. But something got in the way here: the bra, which I unfasten quickly and anxiously. It popped up a pair of tits  -like bouncing-  too obvious and evident, nipples hard and standing bristly.


She tried to cover them  -I suppose was embarrassed at the sight of the tiny nipples, but to tell you the truth, these were charming and big.


I kept going down past her navel, then the little box, covered by this white panty adorned with pink flowers on it.   I began to slide it off slowly, I meant to enjoy the moment, so I saw first the Venus mount. Exhilarated by scent in this zone -I reckon my constant strokes  when eating her pussy had made her excessively hot.

I began to feel and enjoy   a wet vulva, so I got prepared for cunt eatin,  run my tonguye along her her slit, but was unexpectedly stopped by her arms which turned me around: She had began to strip me off.

She also kissed my body. I recalled her seeing me naked and without prior notice got close to my hard dick to give it a big lick. Stars open up in my brain, like disintegrating. Her tongue made a trip up and down my rod. She also began to suck my balls with great skill, so delightfully. She hung around this for a good time until I heard a female voice uttering words like: "Please, put it into me now!  I wanna feel that dick!"

She wouldnt beg for long, for I acted quickly, turned her on her back, spread her legs wide and my penis head slowly began poking into the vagina opening, slowly.  I felt her vagina muscle grip my manhood, like burning, resembling a  fire, too hot inside her.

She moaned: "aahhh, ooohh, mmmm! Oh, like that, oh yess!

What so tight a vagina, so delicious, like squeezing my penis!  Well, this would be the right moment to start banging her, to nail her hard and poke it to the deep end.  My strokes turned into a constant pounding,   faster and harder, and this way, soon Id  get to her innermost recess. I pushed back and forth obstinately, but she seemed to enjoy, wriggling, shaking. Pleasure and lust were in command now. She said:

"Oh, its been pretty a long time since I wanted to have you. Mmmm, aahhh, oooohh, like this, oh, come on, you fuck good, oh yesss, mmmm!"

Several minutes had passed like this, until I felt her cuming lusciously within her: "Ooohhh, aaah, oh, yess, oh, yess, like that, oh, yesss!”

A big cum load was jet inside her, endless gallons.  Hot cum kept spurting until I finally gave up on top of her.  We hug for a while, lighted a cigarette, staring at my still hard dick. She was surprised by this view, so she asked: "that stuff wont go down?"

I replied: "This is normal when an attractive girl lays next to you in a bed."

She said: "Mmmm, that looks superb. Your dick, I mean…"

We dressed up and continued our business as usual. I promise to tell you other stories fucking my boss at different places, such as: the office, in a car, her house…

                                                     THE END
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All I can say is dam...I love it true stories are the best
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Hy Jee
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sexy but
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