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Ezazel stared down on his naked lover. His eyes not missing a single.inch of her uncovered flesh as she lay there in heat.
\"Please...please keep going! Im almost there...,\" pleads Haelen, her perky breasts erect and her pussy wet and swollen.
He lowers down, allowing only the tip of his cock to rest against her wanting flesh.
He smirked when he saw her reaction. Ezazel took pleasure in how her hips bucked upward...wanting what he would not yet give to her.
\"Haelen...now now. No need for all the pleading.\", murmurs Ezazel as he slides his fully erected cock into her now coming pussy. She gave a loud moan as he thrusted deep. Their bodies moving in sync as he pushed harder and faster into her.
\"Im going to make you shake so hard you will make all of Hell tumble down.\", hisses Ezazel as he cums into her opening.

Ezazels Lover
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