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The Hot Tub

— — I had a friend when I was a little bit younger, I was about 16. We were really close Hannah and I. I used to sleep over at her almost every weekend and she had this hot tub on her back porch. Late at night we would creep down the stairs and out to the hot tub. In the dark we would giggle. After awhile we got a little more adventurous and we would go skinny dipping.

It was on one of these nights as we were sitting naked in this hot tub that we started giving each other dares. It started off as the foolish girly dares like whose do you like? and then after while she turned to me and said “I dare you, Ally to run naked to the end of the yard.” So blushing like crazy I got out of the tub and with my nipples instantly hardening in the cold air I ran to the end of the lawn and back hopping in the warm water of the hot tub.   “Okay, my turn” I stared at her, with the jet blowing on my back, trying to think of something to top her dare, suddenly it came to me and I smiled wickedly at her. “ I dare you to put your pussy against the jet in the hot tub.”   She smiled back nervously and slowly floated on to her back and positioned her pussy against the stream of water. She stayed there for a moment, and then moved away. “That hurts.” I scoffed at her, and she looked at me and dared me to do it too.   I moved to where she was and let the water stream at my pussy, she was right it did sting but it also felt good. For about an hour more we took turns against the jet of water. The more we did it the more turned on I was getting.   I took hold of her hand as she finished her turn and tugged her towards where the steps were. She stared at me confused “Ally?”   Silently I put I finger to my lips and lead her back into the sliding doors and to her room in the attic. We were both still naked when we got up stairs, I closed the door behind us and took a step toward her. I reached out and touched one of her nipples, her breasts were smaller than mine but I found them sexy. Her nipple was firm beneath my fingers, “Im horny, Hannah.” With my hands still on her tits I pushed her backwards slightly in till her knees hit the edge of her bed and she fell down on her back.   I crawled on top of her, my legs straddling her; I kissed her, my tongue slipping into her mouth. My fingers were still tweaking her nipples, rolling the pink buds between them. My lips went down her jaw, throat, and collarbone, kissing the soft flesh, when they reached her breasts I closed my lips around her nipple and sucked. She moaned loudly in response. I let my teeth graze it, pulling it up.   But this wasnt where I wanted to be, I started to slide lower tasting her flesh as I went down. Hannahs stomach trembled as I licked it. I slide off the bed completely and pulled her towards me till her butt was on the edge of the bed, gently I separated her thighs.   I heard her breath catch, “w-what are you going to do?” “Nothing that you dont want me to do. I can already see how wet you are and it has nothing to do with being in the hot tub.” It was the truth too, our bodies were mostly dry now but she was still wet down her thighs.   Barely touching her pussy I licked at her soft curls, after spreading her pussy lips apart so I could see, she glistened with wetness. I ran a finger down collecting the fluid and tasting it. “You taste good.” I could see the blush creep across her skin with that statement.   Gently I pressed one finger into her; she was tight but so wet that it was like cutting butter with a hot knife. I pushed that finger in and out, quickly stretching her to fit another one in. As I pumped into her I licked her pussy, licking the fluids.   I felt her body shudder and her clench around my fingers as she came. I licked around my fingers keeping them in her wet hole. I climbed back up and pressed my body against her pulling my fingers out and pressing them into her mouth for her to suck clean. “now you have to do me.”
  • 15 October 2011, 21:03
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